Aug Posted by NaranTeam. Lalitha means beauty.

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I combined M with it — as M immediately vibrates with the right brain. Whatever sins and mistakes you may have committed, Lalitham helps you to release and be forgiven.

lalitham mantra miracle from naran

We say our obstacles are due to our bad karma. However, they can be released thanks to Lalitham. Once they are removed, the obstacles to our lives are also removed. Thanks to this mantra, Money will flow into our lives.

Then abundance of happiness, comfort and money will result in. This is the mantra for Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi will be present, where Vishnu Narayan is there. Speciality of Vishnu is that while we search for Lakshmi, Lakshmi is attracted to Narayan. Sridharam — Lakshmi attracted by Narayan. SRIM in Sridharam helps us to establish peace, and destroy evil. Why we need Rum? When money comes, first confidence will come and then ego will come along with that.

Thanks to Rum ego will be removed and Solar Plexus chakra will be balanced. If there is confusion, it gives clarity. If you want to know the truth and something fishy is happening, chant this mantra. It will not make you look behind your life.

You will keep moving forward as it creates step by step advancement. Sudarshnam means light.

lalitham mantra miracle from naran

Seven to eight Bija mantras are inside this mantra. They can be chanted to handle difficult situations too, for it will bring light into the situation. You can do it while walking or sitting. It will improve total Punniyam good karma.

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Blog at WordPress. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer Mantra Healing. Home Disclaimer Help Each other.Jun Posted by NaranTeam. I am feeling guilty to write to you. I had been referred for some interviews and waiting for results. I am unable to wait further due to desperation and need for money badly.

I am in a fix without a job. How to survive here? I had been trough your website and saw about Gem Therapy and essence.

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EFT etc. Why am I going through this, in spite of my sincere efforts to get a job? Naran, please give me a remedy that will get me a job to survive.

Will I need to come in person to take any healing? Will I come out of this situation? My husband Rajiv is also undergoing a lot of pain physically and emotionally.

Rajiv is working very hard, but still the pressure and need for money is not resolved. You will come out of your problems very soon. Chant Namashivayam regularly for times a day. Few hours after I received your mail, I got an offer letter from Oracle, Bangalore.

Thank you so much. I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel with your guidance, finally after a long time. Like a miracle, things have started to move. I am joining in Oracle, on 14th June Please advise me on what should I chant to perform well in the office as I should keep up the name of the person who referred me to Oracle, as additional responsibility.

I am joining at middle management level and got a pay package, more than expected for my experience. I am very happy. However, I am now very scared to cope up to MNC standards.He is ego-less as he has surrendered everything to Lord Rama. However, he has a face of a monkey.

When Sun wondered whether Hanuman can follow him and listen to his recitation, Hanuman replied to him saying that he will keep one ear in the east and another one in the west and will manage to listen to Sun God reciting Vedas. Sun was moving and within 12 hours Hanuman learnt all the Vedas. Hanuman is such a wonderful soul. And what words should I use? From the way he speaks, Sita understands that he has to be the child of Lord Vayu air Bhagavan. She is convinced about him.

At the same time I am worried whether you are one of goons sent by Ravana. Then Hanuman starts describing Rama as a beautiful person, who is a personification of Samudrika Lakshanam. Hanuman told Sita to come with him so that he can take her to Rama. To show his prowess he shows her his true gigantic figure.

If you take me home, it is show of greatness of yours, but not of Rama. Rama has to take me home. That will salvage his name. When you chant this mantra bring Rama, Lakshman and Sita in your heart and imagine as though Hanuman is chanting along with you. This mantra works on the kidneys. When the kidney is not functioning well, breathlessness follows. Please note that any kidney problem will finally affect the lungs. Whenever there is breathlessness, this mantra can help. You cannot manage Schizophrenic patients.

You become panicky and lost to find the solution to the problem. This mantra helps in those situations. It reduces your panic thereby healing indirectly the mental patient. When panic strikes, you will not remember any mantra other than this. That is the beauty of this mantra. You will not remember anything else. In that way, it scores over other mantras.

If you have any obstacle, you will not know how to proceed further. SA is the one of the petal mantra of Basic Chakra. Out of basic chakra only, the body is formed because it is the earth element. Joom will clear the obstacles. But effort should be taken by you.

Nobody else can do that for you. It is your anxiety. Your anxiety about the other person will add up to your Karmic baggage. How long one can go in life with all desires i. Before leaving, leave everything at the feet of Hari. He will nullify all your desires and attachments, take you, and evolve you. Till we surrender, till we think that the divine is always behind us, till we know that the divine is the only doer and we are not the doer, we cannot have any fulfilment in life.Whenever I chant this mantra, on that day I always receive cash or cheque…!

Mantra Healing

Thank you Naran for this mantra!!! After chanting for few minutes, on impulse I went to a local book stall. I found same books in the shop and along with that another two books I had wanted and all for 10, Reading this post …I too tried it, chanted about a times for two days and my tax refund which usually takes two weeks to come into the account came within a week! Received a refund that I was having trouble getting from a company even though they had refused it, and suddenly it was applied to my account!!

Amazing this mantra is! Thank you Naran S Balakumar!! Follow any responses to this post through RSS 2. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Reach Naran. R Mohan One day I tried this mantra. I had ordered for books worth Rs. Sonika Ahluwalia Reading this post …I too tried it, chanted about a times for two days and my tax refund which usually takes two weeks to come into the account came within a week! Upcoming events:. Naran Sir's Three day Mumbai Workshop. Click here for Event Details.

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Post Categories. Multi-Dimensional Healing. Temperature reduced. Strengthen Relationship with Your Child. Marriage Mantri. Sweet Chestnut saved me from choosing a wrong person. Avoid Confusion in Marriage. How to get adjusted in a difficult circumstance.Solutions by Naran S Balakumar are posted here under various topics. Originally, they were answered in www. Currently, he answers only in www. Reiki is a self-healing, meditative and a yogic practice of Japan like our Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama, and Mudras.

NARAN does not claim to treat any physical disease. Nor his advice is a replacement for any Medical treatment. Naran does not do Reiki healing; he only teaches By following his suggestions or by accepting the flower remedies, you are waiving of all your rights to bind him or claim any compensation under any circumstances.

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Disclaimer Reiki is a self-healing, meditative and a yogic practice of Japan like our Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama, and Mudras. Thursday, 3 September CD for Myopia. Her number in both eyes is minus 10, due to which she is very dependent on spectacles and contact lenses. Please give me some mantras, switch words and flower remedies to get rid of her dependence on spectacles and cure her eye sight as well. There are some good remedies in electro homeopathy, which is available with me.

Regular intake of bio salts will also be very helpful. I have made a 30 minutes audio CD, incorporating the Rife frequency for myopia with the mantra. How to Chant Mantras.

LALITHAM MANTRA-debt✅unlimited abundance✅urgent need of money✅pay off the loan✅Karz Mukti ke upay

Also, can we chant mantras even while doing some work or travelling? Chant mantras even while doing some work, travelling or while doing anything else. Labels: Naran's Methods.

Mantras Chanting During Monthly Cycle. Nirmala Can I chant god related Lalitham mantras and other mantras during monthly cycle? Learning To Recite Sri Rudram. Is it ok if I can read it daily?Nov Posted by NaranTeam. For any type of problem, whenever you need help then think about the Animal Spirit Guide Wolf.

Let us say there is a Petrol Bunk strike. You are on the road and your petrol will get exhausted within a few miles. Call upon WOLF. You will somehow get the required petrol or some form of assistance. He was about to take a flight to Singapore. His one-year old was with him and he had to carry couple of suitcases too, which as anyone could guess would be difficult to manage.

As soon as his son-in-law got down from the taxi, he found help immediately from the airport authorities, in the form of paid assistance to handle his stuff. If you are about to work in a country, where you had never been and whose customs you are not used to, then take Water Violet with you.

It will help you to form relationships as well as get the help you require. Help me to get a helper. In addition, she has to take care of the house too. We have one girl who does the house work but somehow we cannot get a steady person for the other job. We have to leave Amma alone and go out during the day. We are always home in the evenings though. A companion cum cook would be ideal. Call the Animal Spirit Guide Wolf. Alternatively, you can chant gem remedy Blue Sapphire or have a picture of Blue Sapphire, and pray to it for the servant you want.

You will find one.

lalitham mantra miracle from naran

Helpful Remedies and Mantras. Dear Naran, I want to share this with you. I spoke to you this afternoon asking for help with my work situation since I have to urgently find work and things were not moving on.

I was not getting go ahead with some support letters from three people at my work and I was waiting impatiently.

They all said ok after chanting and promised me that they will do that definitely around the same in two days. In addition, I wanted to inform the following and thank you. My mother had an eye condition relating to retina three years ago. She took an intensive treatment and she got all cleared. She was highly concerned last month since she was finding some abnormality in the vision and our whole family got extremely upset. I was chanting the mantra non-stop.

She went for the specialist appointment and they said she has not got any serious condition whatsoever. It is a small difficulty that she can have checked up this month.

Thanks you so much and the mantras. Blog at WordPress. Home Ask Naran Disclaimer. Blog Archives Help! Travel with Help!Oct Posted by NaranTeam. UPK, Sep 4th.

Last month, after a long time, I could put a small amount as deposit. Now my husband says he needs that money for some adjustment and that he will return it in days. He is always after some loan or the other. What should I do? I do not want to break the deposit.

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Naran S Balakumar, Sep 6th. Call WOLF and say this. UPK, Sep 7th. I had been praying to Wolf to ensure that I do not have to part with the money since the day my husband asked for it.

Two days back my husband himself told me to wait till Monday, before I give him the money. Meanwhile, he said he will decide if he really needs this money or not. I am praying to Wolf that he does not require it at all. I really thank Wolf for making him think like that and really pray that he does not need the money at all.

UPK, Sep 10th. I am transferring the amount. Naran, Sep 12th. UPK, Sep 14th. I had chanted the Bach flowers a few times since the last 2 days and thanks to your blessings, my husband has returned the money which he had taken from me.

Thank you very much for your guidance. Change Divine Order: Change to Divine Order; to bring peace to a conflict situation, this combination of switch words is useful. Gorse and Chicory are Bach Flower Remedies. You can use them as switch words. Gorse: no hope of getting the money back. Lalitham Lambodaram: a mantra to remove obstacles we are facing. Blog at WordPress. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer Switch Words.

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